Thursday, March 19, 2009

Comparing blogging platforms

Morning everybody.

I got up nice and early this morning. 6.30 am to be more exact. Gosh does it feel great having an early start sometimes.

So first thing first I am finishing the Blogging course checklist from the last night. Left some unfinished things. Anyway, the Simpleology Blogging course is going great. Although it is a little basic at the moment (remember i've been on-line for more than 12 years at this stage) I find it very encouraging in doing research.

For example, I spent some good time researching different blogging platforms last night and this morning. Oh boy, there are a lot of new platforms, freeware and systems I've never thought possible.

In brief, I am currently on the Blogger service as I picked it purely out of convenience (clicked on the first link that came up on Google) but I already see moving to something with more flexibility like MovableType or WordPress. I am planning to add some cool features to the blog, so that will probably require hosting it on my own account and since I am on the budget I am going to consider one of the free platforms.

MovableType seems to have a ton more features however WordPress seems easier to install.

I also came across this post that shows "blog anatomy". I know, it's more than 3 years old and in internet terms that's pre historic, but the general, relative amount features seems still true when compared in between those blog types. MovableType I think has evolved a lot faster than the other ones.

Another fantastic post here about the whole blogging concept. Some great value there.

I am also about to go through the whole list here. And I will report back on that one.

Haveing said all that it seems to that I might be sticking with WordPress for now and will investigate MovabeType in more detail.

OK, enough for now, back to Day 4 on the Blogging course.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

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  1. Hi Kris,
    I have a number of Wordpress blogs as well as the Blogger ones. I like Blogger's ease of use, but Wordpress has so many features it's my top choice. O, and I'm hosting Wordpress on my own site.

    All the best in your blogging journey.